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Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Wake-Up Call to Oneness

A true story:

My youngest daughter, Kaylin, used to have a small pink chandelier hanging in the center of her bedroom...

One night in 2003, when Kaylin was five years old, my wife Nola had just tucked Kaylin in for the night when she suddenly discovered that Kaylin's night light bulb was burned out. Unfortunately, without a replacement bulb in the house, and given that Kaylin was desperately afraid of the dark, we had a bit of a situation on our hands until Nola discovered that sliding the dimmer switch for Kaylin's chandelier to its lowest setting, a suitable glow of light shone throughout the room. And so it came to pass that an uneventful year of bedtimes came and went while Kaylin's small pink chandelier performed extra-duties as a nightlight. And then came the night of January 14, 2004.